First Blood :第一滴血。
Killing Spree :大杀特杀。杀3人。
Dominating :主宰比赛。杀4人。
Mega Kill :杀人如麻。 杀5人。
Unstoppedable :无人能档。杀6人。
Wicked Sick :杀得变态。杀7人。
Monster Kill : 根妖怪一样。 杀8人。
God Like  :如同神一般。杀9人。
Holy Shit :超越神了。 杀10人或是十人以上。
Double Kills :双杀。短时间杀死敌人2个英雄。
Triple Kills : 三杀。 短时间杀死敌人3个英雄。
Owning :  一方杀了累积五只英雄,并在期间内没有任何英雄被杀。
Ah~Fresh Meat :屠夫放大招时的声音。
蛇发女妖:i stand ready  ,time is short, mortal
地精修补匠:i’m all geared up ,yeah, runs on 2;20, 2;21 whatever it takes
炼金术士:care for a cocktail? don’t rush me
死亡先知:You call to me? If that is your wish.
地狱领主:I am the Darkness! As you order! i hear the call of the wild .what lies before me
影魔:You`re `ere I live .Fire away.
黑市商人:My life for Nazul! Ner ”
地穴刺客:Make your choice!The time is now!
德鲁伊:I”m awake, I”m awake!   Our time is short!
敌法师:We must act!At last.
屠夫:Us hear and obey!* What we do?* fresh meat!
40法师:The shadows beckon! The restless dead await!
暗夜魔王:The night beckons! What is it now?
巫妖:Direct me!So be it!
秀逗魔导师:Do you require aid, human? Help me, help you. What a good idea.
哥布林工程师:Oh my baby!
光之守卫:Well? What is it now?
剑圣:I am yours! I hear and obey!*
撼地神牛:Oh no。 May my ancestors watch over me!
众神之王:Move it!  Watch this!
月之骑士:As the Godess wills!  Fear the night!
魅惑魔女:Is there trouble?What is nature”s call?
受折魔的灵魂:The calm, before the storm. The time is now.
血魔:fire away. Right away!
巫医:Da be good choice, man!* How may I serve?
复仇电魂:for the lich king.
赏金猎人:moxi moxi I can。
火枪:ya ha ma ta re have a taregit
圣骑士:future is ours.
黑暗游侠:I am here, as always.
幻影刺客:I am wasting time here.
沉默术士:Your magic is mine!
暗影萨满:Be happy.
地穴刺客:“My might cannot be matched!”
冰mm:“shhh~ I’m trying thinking.”
白牛:“Mother earth guide me.”
赏金猎人:“I will do what I can.”
敌法:“your blood is mine” “run for your life “”at last, we should have revenge”



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